Did you know that playing Live Blackjack at Casino.com during Happy Hour can bring you up to $/£/€5,000 extra CASH? This is the real deal. 

That is if you are lucky enough to draw a lucky Gold Card. Then your bet will double and you would have a chance of winning more of that sweet, sweet cash.

There are 2 cards up for grabs in each shoe – which one will you get? We hope it’s the gold one!

A Golden Opportunity

This promotion runs 20:00 – 22:00 (GMT) every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. And, as we mentioned previously, Gold Card Happy Hour is available on Casino.com Live Blackjack tables only.

Two Gold Cards will be shuffled into each new shoe. If you are dealt a Gold Card you will receive 100% of your initial stake for that hand. However, Bet Behind does not count.

In case the dealer is dealt a Gold Card, there will be no prize available for that hand.

The maximum cash prize that you can potentially earn from one Gold Card is $/€5,000. All cash prizes will be credited instantly.

How It Works

Here are some more rules for you. One Casino.com Live Blackjack shoe consists of four decks of cards.

What happens if a Blackjack shoe with a Gold Card shuffled into it starts before the end of the promotion? If that’s the case, you will still be able to receive cash prizes from being dealt a Gold Card.

If you haven't made your first deposit, please do so to claim your Welcome Package. After that, you can take part in this promotion. Welcome Package Terms and Conditions apply.

For more details and other rules pertaining to promotions, refer to Casino.com’s General Promotion Terms and Conditions.

To be part of the action, visit Casino.com today.

Please gamble responsibly. Gambling is a form of adult entertainment above all. When the fun stops, you should, too.