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Live Three Card Poker Tutorial

Live Three Card Poker TutorialThree card poker is a standard game that can be enjoyed in every land based casino as well as in a number of online casinos. To enhance the game and offer a better experience, many sites offer olive dealer 3 Card Poker, taking the game to a whole new level. With this version, players will enjoy real time action and will benefit from the presence of a live dealer. They will also be able to interact with every player at the table and see each and every move that is made in the game. With great visual appeal and the ability to collect great payouts, live 3 Card Poker remains a top choice in any live dealer casino.

Basic Rules and How to Play

With 3 Card Poker, the overall goal is for the player hand to beat the value of the dealer hand. The game is usually played with a single deck of cards and a new deck is used following the completion of each hand. There are seven possible winning hand combinations that can be created with 3 Card Poker. These include a high card, pair, three or a kind, straight, flush, straight flush and royal flush. Each wining hand will have different payouts and players can find tables that offer different betting limits so they can bet small or large based on their budget.

Once bets are placed, three cards are dealt to the player, all face up, and tree to the dealer, face down. The player will decide whether they will fold or play the hand. Playing the hand will require a bet that equals the Ante bet. The dealer will then reveal cards and the best hand wins. Dealer hands must qualify with w Queen or Higher to play. If there is no qualifying hand for the dealer, all player play bets are returned and the ante bet is paid at 1:1.

Player Moves

There are three different betting circles on the table of 3 Card Poker and the top is the Pairs Plus. Beneath this are the Ante and Play bets for the base game. The game will start with a bet on the Pairs Plus or the Ante circle. If an Ante bet is placed and players fold, they forfeit this wager. If they play, they must back up their Ante bet with an equal bet in the Play circle.

There is a bonus payout offered on the Ante bet for certain hands that are created. If players have a straight, straight flush or three or a king, they will receive the bonus payout even if the dealer does not qualify. With the Pairs Plus bet, the players will bet on whether their hand will hold a pair. This will offer a payout with no dealer qualification and players can place this bet as a sole bet on the game without having to place an Ante bet as well. This provides multiple betting options when enjoying the live dealer version of 3 Card Poker.

Six Card Bonus Bet

In addition to the other bets that can be placed with live 3 Card Poker, players can also bet on a Six Card bonus. With this bet, the three cards from both the dealer and player are combined to make the best five card poker hand. If these hands can create a three of a kind or better, players will win based on the odds. The payouts for this side bet can range from 7:1 for a three of a kind all the way to 1000:1 for a Royal Flush.

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