The best way to win playing at a casino is to start by preventing losses. And the best way to do that is through weekly cashback bonuses!

If you're tired of losing money, ‘off days', and other hitches in your gaming career – worry not. HappyLuke – one of the leading online casino brands in Asia – is here to recoup your losses! Let's see how it works.

2-8% Cashback on Live Casino Losses

Once a week, you have the ability to get 2% of your total losses back. This figure only applies to live casino games, which is the part most interesting to us here at However, it's worth mentioning that slots get a better rate with a starting 4% cashback.

Why do we say ‘starting', you might be wondering. Because this 2% is available to newly-registered players, and you can start getting the cashback bonus today! If you're a long-time customer of HappyLuke, you can get increasingly better rates. VIP customers can climb up to a much stronger 8% cashback. Unlike new player bonuses – it pays to stay and play at HappyLuke!

THe higher your loyalty rank, the better the rewards. Check out the table below for more info:

LevelLive CasinoSlots
Regular Player2%4%
VIP Iron3%5%
VIP Bronze4%6%
VIP Silver5%7%
VIP Platinum6%10%
VIP Diamond8%15%

Other Terms & Conditions

Beyond that, there are pre-set limits to how much you can win. The minimum is just under $2, depending on the currency you're using. Moreover, you can't receive more than $4,500 in cashback per week. Of course, if 8% of your losses are more than that, you're really deep in high roller waters.

Remember – the cashback pays out a percentage of net losses. Want to know how much you stand to get? Take your losses, subtract your winnings, and then calculate the percentage based on your VIP level.

You can start getting the cashback as soon as you start playing – so register at HappyLuke right now!