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NetEnt Live Unveils New-Look Lobby

By: Staff Writer, May 18, 2020

NetEnt has revamped its live casino lobby, which now gives players the opportunity to seamlessly navigate between different Live Casino games.

NetEnt Live has introduced a new player-orientated Lobby and Mini-Lobby. This will enable seamless navigation between games. 

The Lobby Updates

The supplier wants to put players front and centre of fresh design with intuitive user interface.

The modern, user-friendly design displays the latest information on the tables. This includes the winning numbers, available seats, bet limits and the number of players.

Dynamic table tiles with live images of the game presenter and background create a truly immersive experience.

And a more intuitive table ordering will be available to players. All of this will help cross promote various games.

Increasing Player Engagement

The new lobby is intended to boost player engagement by providing more opportunities to play. Also, it gives operators two choices.

They can choose between generic branding options available to all partners or to create a fully customized environment.

“As the core of the live casino, the lobby is a vital element to get right,” says Andres Rengifo, Director of NetEnt Live.

According to him, it affects the levels of a player’s engagement. In addition to this, “it makes a huge difference” to their experience and brand perception. 

“We believe we’ve created the perfect lobby environment to help set up the ultimate live casino player journey.”

At the end of last year, NetEnt has also enhanced its live roulette portfolio. Then, the Swedish provider launched Auto Roulette Studio.

The product brought together three different tables in one immersive environment. These are Classic Auto-Roulette, Rapid Auto-Roulette, and VIP Auto-Roulette.

They are set in a modern environment, elevating the feel of a traditional casino room. Using excellent camera angles, HD streaming and blue-screen technology, they are delivering unique live casino experience.

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