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NetEnt Launches New Live Widget in Time for World Cup

By: Staff Writer, June 7, 2018

NetEnt unrolls industry-first cross-reference Live & Sports Betting widget

Being a true pioneer in driving the market with thrilling games powered by their cutting-edge platform, NetEnt has once again managed to launch an industry-first product.

NetEnt users can now play live casino games without worrying about missing out on in-play betting during the World Cup, thanks to the Sports Betting Widget.

Sports Betting Widget

The Sports Betting Widget follows the release of NetEnt’s Live Sports Roulette that features real-time score updates for football fans during the FIFA World Cup in Russia.

Dealers will comment on the action while a live sports feed will show the match statistics including goal possession, shots on goal and fouls committed. When the football frenzy in Russia is over, Both Live Sports Roulette and Sports Betting Widget will be used for future sports events.The latest product is just the puzzle that was missing to their live dealer range and will enable players to play and bet simultaneously.

The Sports Betting Widget is the first of its kind and uses streaming technology and marketing tools to seamlessly combine operator-generated live odds on any sport, match or marketplace with live dealer action. Henrik Fagerlund, Chief Product Officer of NetEnt explained that the widget is unlike anything the market has seen so far and that they managed to prepare the lunch just when the World Cup kicks off on 14 June in Moscow.

“Sports Betting Widget offers a new type of cross-sell opportunity, as operators will not have to worry about missing out on sports-betting revenue while gaining revenue on other products, as players can use both simultaneously.”

Greek operator Stoiximan has already agreed to launch the Widget and others will follow soon. Stoiximan will offer both pre and in-play odds, which the player can bet on while enjoying the live dealer games.

IoannisKalambokis, Head of Casino from Stoiximan says: “We always want to offer the ultimate User Experience to our members. That’s why we worked closely with NetEnt in order to create an innovative way of combining Sports Betting with Live Casino.”

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