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More Than Successful 2019 Results for 888 Holdings

By: Staff Writer, January 8, 2020

888 sets new revenue record in 2019

The new year began more than a week ago, and it’s time to recap the year behind us.

888 Holdings, the iGaming giant that stands behind the famous 888 Casino, has published highlights from the previous year of business.

The company stepped into 2020 “with good momentum across several regulated European markets,” demolishing the revenue record set in the previous years.

Cherry on Top

The company stressed that the second half of the year brought in more revenue than the first half.

The cherry on top was the revenue in December, which hit and broke the all-time monthly record. The tech giant believes that the Orbit platform and sport sector are the two biggest contributors to such excellent results.

However, it was not all sunshine and rainbows. The poker sector continuously posed a challenge and is most likelyto continue being a challenge in 2020.

Nevertheless, the operator is confident the situation will change for the better as the new Poker 8 platform gains more popularity.

Everybody Loves 888

The company included a detailed overview of business operations across several regulated markets as well.

The consistent revenue increase is evident in most markets, including the UK and Italy. The business dealings in Italy took off in the second half of the year, spurred by casino growth in the region.

Great progress was noted in the regulated markets of Sweden and Romania as well.

Itai Pazner, the CEO of 888, added that the brand noted another record in the previous year. Namely, more than a million new players joined the vast community of 888 casino brands. After a string of key acquisitions and product launches, the year ended in style. He also added that the group remains focused on achieving further success in the USA.

And as for this year, he said: “With 888’s core strengths as a responsible operator with outstanding technology and diversification across a number of regulated markets, the board remains confident of further progress in the year ahead.”

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