NetEnt unveils new game Perfect Blackjack at Grossvenor Casino

NetEnt signed an exclusive deal with Grosvenor Online Casino which will see this premium gambling establishment add NetEnt’s newest title Perfect Blacjack.

Be Perfect!

Swedish slot and live casino specialists are aiming this new game at blackjack beginners and enthusiasts who want to learn the way through this highly popular game.

With Perfect Blackjack, players are given a chance to get a hold of basic blackjack strategies and learn how to play it.

This particular game is basically European Blacjack where the dealer takes his second card only when all players have completed their own cards. This game is played with eight decks of cards drawn from the manual dealing shoe.

Perfect Blackjack comes with two additional side bets: Perfect Pairs and 21+3.

There are three available player positions and an unlimited number of players who can join in. The players place their bet and choose whether to auto split and double hands where possible.

Once the bets have been placed bets, there is no need for additional interaction with the dealer who will complete each hand in order to perfect the basic blackjack strategy and show players how best to play it.

Will Players Enjoy it?

Placing a definite verdict on this game would be premature at this point.

The first impression is that the game unrolls at a pace that will make it hard for beginners to follow. Furthermore, the lack of interaction might prove precluding for beginners who need clear instructions on what to do and how to play.

Players can test this game for themselves at Grosvenor Casino exclusively, but NetEnt have announced that Perfect Blackjack is expected to go on a general release later in 2019.