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Evolution Launches Fan Tan, the Classic Asian Bead Game of Chance

By: Staff Writer, September 16, 2021

Evolution’s world-class live version of the classic Asian bead game of chance – Fan Tan – is here!

Evolution has announced the launch of Fan Tan, an ancient Asian bead game, set in a stunning Live Casino studio.

How the Game Works

Fan Tan is a game based on the repeated division of beads. The beads are initially covered by a glass dome. And during the betting time, the dealer uses a metal cup to separate out a random number of beads.

The dealer then sorts all the selected beads into lines of four using a special stick. When a final line of beads remains, the beads are placed in a line at the center of the table. So, the main objective of the game is to predict the number of beads that will remain.

Plenty of Betting Possibilities

Players can get started easily with the basic bet type – Fan Tan (bet on a single number: 1, 2, 3, or 4). Or they can place an Odd or Even, Big or Small bet.

Furthermore, they can get to know the bets that Fan Tan enthusiasts love. These are: Nim bet with its multiple variants, the Kwok bets, and the Ssh (Sheh-sam-hong) bets. The self-explanatory betting grids make the game incredibly easy to pick up.

Some players want to explore the patterns that emerge and to see how fellow players are betting. And this is made simple with Evolution Fan Tan.

There are Live Betting Statistics, Recent Game Results, and Detailed Statistics for up to the last 500 game rounds. All of this makes Fan Tan a captivating and engaging gaming experience.

What They Said About the Game

Todd Haushalter, Chief Product Officer at Evolution, spoke about Evolution’s latest release.

“Fan Tan is an ancient and largely forgotten about game but we wanted to pay it respect with this fresh and modern version. We will introduce the game to a whole new generation of players,” he added. 

This is “a great way to entertain Baccarat players when they are looking for an alternative to their main game.”

Evolution has got more exciting releases coming really soon, and one of them is a new game show – Cash or Crash.

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