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Sweden to Restrict Gambling Adds

By: Staff Writer, March 19, 2019

Sweden announces measures against excessive gambling adds

Sweden’s new gambling law took effect on 1 January 2019 and the local gambling market, as well as the live casino landscape, spread its arms to international online gambling operators.

The Swedish betting customers were targeted long before that by internationally licensed companies but now the whole process operates in a fully licensed environment.

The act also bans direct marketing of gambling companies of individuals who have barred themselves from gambling but the operators don’t respect the law in full.

Advertising Under Scrutiny

According to a recent survey, nine out of ten Swedes believe there is currently too much gambling advertising and that the country needs to regulate excessive and aggressive advertising.

Therefore Spelinspektionen, formerly Lotteriinspektionen, could soon introduce measures that will place restrictions on gambling advertising in collaboration with a Swedish consumer agency Konsumentverket.

Swedish Televison News SVT reported just days ago that Swedish Institute for Opinion Surveys (SIFO) has conducted a survey and the results are disappointing. Almost 90% of 1,153 interviewed Swedes believe there is far too much gambling advertising.Around 76% believe the current rules should be stricter while 53% are for the ban of gambling ads.

We will not tolerate it as it is now,” Minister for Public Administration ArdalanShekarabi told SVT. “Marketing must be moderate and respect the protection of consumers.”

He also added that people are tired of extremely aggressive marketing and that industry must take responsibility and observe moderation in advertising. If this don’t happen, he will work on more harsh, mandatory measures to protect the players.

Splittting Responsibilities

The plan is to split responsibility between two bodies, Spelinspektionen and Konsumentverket, which will impose backwards sanctions on licensees that have breached rules in the past.

Spelinspektionen will focus on bonus offers, sponsorship and product-related marketing while Konsumertverket will monitor moderate marketing, direct advertising to self-excluded consumers and player-data collection.

In a statement the regulator stressed: “A violation of the requirement of moderation is typically considered to be serious. The sanction that may be applicable in an individual case depends on several different factors, such as how long the infringement has been going on.”

Those who breach the rules will be faced with official warning, financial penalty or even revocation of their license in more extreme cases.

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