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Playtech Sign a Strategic Deal With Captain UP

By: Marica K, February 26, 2017

Playtech is set to completely change gaming experience by engaging players.

Leading provider in providing online gaming industry solutions and services Playtech are constantly looking for ways to improve their operation and this time they have teamed up with Captain Up a real-time engagement platform that offers services of user engagement and retention. The strategic partnership with Captain UP will add a social aspect to Playtech’s IMS system by creating communities, leader boards, missions, gifting and more. This will give them a better communication with players and provide more insight into their preferences and gaming behavior.

Captain Up provides a unique service that combines behavioral psychology, social networks and gamification. Their aim is to study and analyses the behavior of the players and then create interactive content that will engage the players and get them more involved in the gaming process. At the same time it aims to retain the players through giveaways, competitions, challenges, badges, loyalty programs, etc. This is the strategy that Captain Up employs in order to ensure retention of players and to form a base of engaged, motivated and enthusiastic players that will be happy to be a part of Playtech’s story.

On behalf of Playtech, their Chief Operating, Officer Shimon Akad, commented: “This integration enables our licensees to access an even broader range of unique technologies that can help differentiate their offerings and significantly enhance their player engagement, through the use of real-time analytics. We have known about Captain Up for some time and we’re very pleased to be working together.”

With maximized engagement of the players the revenue is bound to increase, whereas the players will find more personalized content that will be provided to them thanks to the insight gained from real-time communication from the players and the analytics.

About Playtech

Playtech is one of the leading names of the market in terms of providing online gaming solutions and services. Thanks to their omni-channel platform Playtech ONE their clients are able to offer a single-wallet system that can be used to access various platforms via a single account. They are constantly striving to enhance user experience and offer innovative solutions powered by cutting-edge technology. The number of Playtech licensees is growing by the day and it includes various stakeholders from the gambling industry from casino operators to government sponsored lotteries. Founded in 1999, today the company is present in 16 countries worldwide. Playtech is listed on London Stock Exchange. To find out more about Playtech read our detailed Playtech review.

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