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Playtech Launches New Live Casino Game Deal or No Deal – The Big Draw

By: Staff Writer, October 1, 2020

Playtech has released Live Deal or No Deal – The Big Draw.

Playtech has announced the launch of Live Deal or No Deal – The Big Draw. The new live casino game is based on the iconic TV gameshow.

About the Game

The new bouncing ball game recreates all the excitement of one of the most successful gameshow formats. Playtech already has a long association with the ever-popular brand with its dedicated Bingo room.

As per the TV show format, the new live game is based around 16 numbered prize suitcases. Fifteen numbers appear on the player’s ticket, with the sixteenth suitcase being the player’s prize. As balls are drawn, the numbers, and the prizes, are removed from the ticket. At the same time the banker’s bar is being filled. Once there are seven numbers on the bar, the banker will make the player his first offer.

If the player accepts the deal, the game ends there. Alternatively, they can buy five extra balls to continue the game in search of a higher offer. Player can also not accept a deal or no balls left are available. In that case, their suitcase will be opened to reveal their prize. Additionally, players can choose to boost one of five prizes before the round begins. Also, they can enter the mini draw side game, with prizes based on the first 20 balls drawn.

The game also has a tutorial or a video overview of Live Deal or No Deal – The Big Draw.

It can guide the players who are playing the game for the first time. The tutorial also features subtitles from a variety of languages to support the global fanbase for this game.  

New Level of Excitement

Edo Haitin, Managing Director at Playtech Live Casino, spoke about the new release. 

“We’re delighted to be bringing the excitement of one of TV’s most enduring formats to Live.” According to him, the live game brings the player “a new level of engagement and strategical involvement.”

“For many players, Live play is as much about the experience as it is about gambling,” he added. 

They have seen a growing trend towards gameshow-style formats. That’s why – they are “so confident Live Deal or No Deal will definitely be a big draw.”

Meanwhile, Playtech has received approval to launch online casino products in New Jersey. Then, the provider has announced a content distribution agreement with Bet365. More recently in the US, the company partnered with BetMGM. This enables it to provide casino software across Borgata, PartyCasino NJ and BetMGM venues.

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