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PayPal Returns to US Online Gambling Websites

By: Marica K, September 17, 2015
After more than ten years Pay Pal is back on online gambling sites in the US

After more than ten years Pay Pal is back on online gambling sites in the US.

After over ten years, PayPal once again offers its services to all the people who enjoy online gambling in the US. They are off to a quiet start by trying out in the few states in the US where online gambling is legal, New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada. This decision is the result of splitting with Ebay, so now PayPal as an independent company have decided to expand their reach on the market.

PayPal did not wait for long after the separation of Ebay to step back into the territory of online gambling in the US. Back in 2002, joining forces with Ebay for PayPal meant that they have to give up on gaming industry in the United States. Even though they provide their services for online gamers in Europe, the USA was forbidden territory for them. The reason for this were unclear regulations concerning gambling. However, things have changed since then. Online gambling is now legalized in Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware, while the future might see other states following their footsteps. Caesars Interactive Entertainment (CIE) are the first who have offered PayPal to New Jersey  players on their websites. Pay Pal is now a payment option on World Series of, and It is predicted that this move will mean a lot for iGaming in New Jersey as people usually want the simplest possible solution for making payments and it will definitely attract many new players since PayPal is a reliable and trustworthy company. New Jersey customers are already thrilled by the fact that they can use PayPal for their transactions on their favorite poker websites, Live Casinos, and other online games.

Still, there is one thing that is strange. This great change in their business orientation has not been followed by any sort of an announcement or official press release. According to CNBC even though the company started preparing for this transition last year, they have been somewhat secretive about this new move as an independent company. Reportedly the company stated that this is „a pilot program to support four leading real money gaming (RMG) operators to offer PayPal as a way for gamers to fund their online accounts with these merchants.” The company also said that their aim is “to give people safe and simple ways to pay for the things they want, so long as we can comply with applicable laws.” Some analysts consider that this PayPal’s move is actually a strategy for the future, as they will have a stable position on the market in case other states legalize online gambling as well. Recently they have made an acquisition of mobile payment start-up Modest, which is another proof that they have big plans for the future.

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