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PAGCOR to Award New Live Dealer Licenses

By: Staff Writer, April 9, 2018

PAGCOR is getting ready for a live dealer license process

PAGCOR, Philippine Amusement and Gaming Operator has recently announced that they plan to give permission to eGaming operators to manage live dealer table games and have their live studio approved to introduce the tables as a new addition.

Live Dealer Table Games Plan

The news broke last week and will alter the destiny of many e-cafes across the country and increase their revenue numbers.

The gambling regulator PAGCOR issued a statement and announced that the process for accreditation will begin and all interesting gambling locations are free to file in their applications for accreditation of live dealer studios.

The license will be called the Permit to Possess and it is designed to utilize the work of providers of studio gaming setup which facilitates the gambling activities. The board of directors of the regulator managed to reach mutual agreement and grant the eGames operators’ right to provide their customers with live dealer casino games. All interested parties can download the application documents and other relevant information from PAGCOR website.

All live studio production venues that will be streaming live dealer games will be accredited and under the authorized by the authority of Permit to Posses certificate (PTP).

License Costs

The application fee for PTP, which will be granted for one year, is PhP 250,000 ($4,792). The annual renewal will cost the same.

The fee for a 12 month PTP and annual renewals will be PhP 1 million ($19,183). Each transfer or additional site to a building other than the existing site, will be charged with PhP100,000 ($1,918) and PhP 75,000 ($1,438) for additional or transfer of operating sites to a building with an existing operating site.

Other requirements include certification from an independent gaming laboratory that supports internet protocol blocking of Philippine IP addresses.

For now, land-based casinos are the only ones that offer online gambling activities, with e-bingo being the most preferred one. The new offering will most definitely draw more customers and allow the Philippine market to thrive.

Just last month PAGCOR rolled out a new monitoring system that will keep a close watch on how much online betting firms truly earn. The third party audit service will provide more transparency and foreign bettors will gain confidence in getting fair play with the new system.

With these changes, they will manage to capitalize the lucrative online gambling industry and get a “lion’s share of the online gambling pie”.

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