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New Rules for Live Dealer Games in Macau

By: Staff Writer, January 9, 2018

Macau live dealer operators get a new set of rules to follow

The Macau Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ) published the first set of Dealer-Oriented Electronic Table Game Technical Standards on Monday.

New standards have now come into full effect and they cover all electronic live dealer tables in the city’s 40 casinos.

This move is hoped to give Asian gamblers more confidence and EGT is expected to boost Macau casino revenue.

New Set of Rules

The document states that new rules are there to control and ensure operation of live dealer operated EGTs in a manner that is fair, reliable, secure and auditable.

This kind of play is preferable for players who enjoy the fast action and anonymity of the terminals, and that’s why Macau’s EGT boom has led to these new standards. The standards do not limit the number of games a player can simultaneously enjoy on a single electronic live dealer table.

All electronic live dealer casino games must offer the same probabilities of winning as their more traditional machines. Any message on screen, whether current credit balance, bet amount, results from a last completed game or the denomination of the current game, must be written both in English and Chinese.

Also, all dealer-operated EGTs must be certified by a Macau accredited testing laboratory before they submit an application to DICJ for approval.

Boosting the Market’s Confidence

Dealer-operated EGTs use a live dealer to spin a roulette wheel, draw cards or handle dice, but they differ from more traditional, non-electronic tables, because they utilize electronic technology for the placement of bets and for bet settlement.

Those operations are conducted via a computer. Such electronic units are the first choice for those players that may be suspicious of fully-automated machines and these new standards will bring Asian players even more confidence.

Casino management also likes this technology since the speed of betting in this way can produce better yield per gaming seat even at lower minimum bets.

Whereas more traditional live dealer tables allow maximum of nine players, these units allow one member of the staff to conduct games via a large screen to up to 60 players. This is definitely more cost-efficient for the operators and Macau has seen lucrative profits in the past years.

Aggregated gross revenues, for the whole 2012, were $111.14 million from electronic live-dealer gaming tables.

For the first nine months of 2017, aggregated gross revenues have reportedly hit $146.54 million.

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