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New Jersey Casinos Unroll Live Dealer Games Expansion

By: Staff Writer, November 28, 2017

New Jersey casinos went ahead with Live Dealer expansion which is set to bring major changes to gambling landscape in the state

Today, more and more players prefer playing live casino games from the comfort of their home since the advanced technologies provide them to experience a game of outstanding quality without even setting foot in a land-based establishment.

Being the one of the fastest growing verticals in the online gaming industry, Live Casino is in constant need for development and growth. Live Dealer games exploded in popularity and online casinos are constantly seeking and finding new ways to capture the market share.

New Jersey Live Dealer Expansion

With that in mind, two New Jersey Casinos have increased the weekend availability of their Live Dealer Games since they noticed there is enough interest in tables earlier during the day on weekends.

So far, Live Dealer games were active only after 3 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday at Betfair Casino and Golden Nugget Casino but from now on, their offerings will be available starting from the 12 p.m.

For now, access to Live Dealer Roulette and Baccarat will remain the same, 3 p.m. but players can enjoy playing Live Dealer Blackjack from 12 p.m. at the standard limits from $10 to $1,000 and high betting limits from $20 to $2,000 since they both showed the necessary level of traffic.

No changes to weekday live casino hours will be introduced at this point in time.

Possible Future Changes

New Jersey casino are conducting the experiment hoping that it would bring the desired results, which ultimately may result in additional changes being made further down the line.

If Live Dealer weekend action proves to be a success for the earliest of hours, we could see the casinos introduce the timetable changes to at least one of the two casinos that would then be active from 12 p.m. during the weekdays as well.

Should the growing trend continue, Golden Nugget and Betfair Casino could alternatively introduce more tables o accommodate the growing need for Live Dealer games during prime-time hours. Increase in tables could be followed by an increase in offering as we could also see Casinos add new games such as Casino Hold’em and award-winning Dream Catcher Live Wheel, among others.

Ultimately, the long-awaited change in the very setup of Live Dealer Casinos – Bet Behind feature – is one that players are most looking forward to. This unique option will allow players to take part in a game as an observer at a fully occupied table.

This unique feature is a joint venture from Betfair Casino and Golden Nugget but at this current moment there is no indication as to when exactly we could expect to see it go live.

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