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NetEnt Goes Live With Blitz Blackjack

By: Staff Writer, November 21, 2019

NetEnt rebrands its Common Draw Blackjack into BLITZ Blackjack!

NetEnt Live has upgraded its Common Draw Blackjack.

This highly popular version of blackjack is now being called BLITZ!

Let’s see what’s new about it.

Updated Visuals

Common Draw Blackjack, NetEnt Live’s authentic game, now gets a new name – BLITZ, as well as its look.

The developer said this about the appearance of the table: “A lot of thought went into creating a look that really pops. Improvements have been made to the background, environment, table and UI. There’s a lot to love about the new design and colours!”

Like it’s always the case with NetEnt Live content, Blitz Blackjack is presented by trained professionals, and it’s streamed in high definition video quality, with Chroma-Key background.

Some of the new features include direct launch available, player chat, re-bet feature, 8 deck manual shoe and more. Users can play the game at any time, as it’s available 24/7.

Common Draw 2.0

Blitz Blackjack is a modernized version of Common Draw Blackjack, an innovative Blackjack variant from NetEnt. So, Blitz uses the same rules as Common Draw, also sometimes referred to as Unlimited Blackjack.

In this unique game, an unlimited number of players can join the table at the same time. They receive identical cards but make their own decisions on what moves to make, and once everybody has had their turn, the dealer will draw cards to their own hand following the usual rules.

The main advantage here is the increased speed of each round and no more wait for a free space at the table.

More from NetEnt Live

Operators will be able to use Blitz Blackjack as a standalone table with its own environment, and it will also be available as part of the Network Branded Casino (NBC), the recent innovation by NetEnt Live.

NBC is the new live casino environment that was launched on October 1st. It has with two different rooms – one of them features two standard Live Blackjack tables and a VIP table, while the other room offers Blitz Blackjack, Roulette and another recent release Perfect Blackjack.


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