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MRG Commits to Safe and Reliable iGaming Environment by Joining EGBA

By: Staff Writer, October 1, 2018

MRG takes an even firmer stand on responsible gambling by joining EGBA

The Brussels-based iGaming operator association European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA), has welcomed its newest member – MRG – formerly known as Mr Green & Co.

MRG Commits to EGBA

Representing a number of high-profile casino and live dealer operators in its work with national authorities, the EU and other stakeholders to ensure the online iGaming sector is effectively regulated all over Europe, EGBA promotes the creation of a safe and reliable digital environment for online gambling players.

EGBA takes a lead on responsible gambling and sustainable regulation and all their members are compulsorily audited on their compliance with the CEN Workshop Agreement on Responsible Remote Gambling Measures.

“We are very pleased that MRG has joined the EGBA family and we look forward to working closely together with them towards an open, well-regulated market for online gaming in the EU and EEA. MRG brings a strong profile of responsibility, and together we will work towards developing attractive regulated markets that are capable of channelling consumers and providing a high level of consumer protection” said Maarten Haijer, Secretary General of EGBA.

MRG Going Green

The parent company of one of the standout live dealer operators Mr Green online casino, MRG shares EGBA’s view that industry must collaborate closely and create a safe environment for EU online players.

MRG has already invested heavily in its Green Gaming corporate social responsibility (CRS) program which targets the players with in-depth insight into their gambling behaviour. Basically, this is a predictive gaming tool, enabling players to see their betting history, gambling behaviour and spending habits. The tool enables them to see a clear perspective into their own risk and problem behaviour and at the same time, the operator can easily detect when their playing goes from healthy to risky.

MRG chief executive Per Norman said, “green Gaming has been a core of our strategy since the foundation of the Group and we are enthusiastic about contributing to the development of more Green iGaming services across Europe.”

EGBA represent more than 20 million EU consumers and the demand for attractive and entertainment services continue to grow each year. More and more top-tier operators recognize the need of working together to meet the challenges of the high level of consumer protection and creating safe and reliable environment.

“It’s an exciting but challenging time for European operators and we are pleased that reputable operators like MRG recognize the benefits of working closer together through the EGBA in order to meet these challenges” Haijer added.

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