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Mr Green Upgrades Green Gaming Tool with a Set of Brand-New Features

By: Staff Writer, July 8, 2019

Mr Green updates its website by adding a selection of new features

One of the world’s largest and most revolutionary online casinos, Mr Green has improved their site once more by launching some brand new features.

These features concern their groundbreaking Green Gaming tool that analyses customers’ online behavior in order to detect early signs of problem gambling.

The Upgrade

Their Green Gaming tool now includes ‘behaviour interventions and individual real-time push notifications’.

These features are incorporated with an aim to support a balanced gaming behavior. There is no doubt that live casino players will also benefit greatly from the latest enhancements.

The new Green Gaming algorithm is designed with a purpose to analyze players’ actual behavior and to combine the individual player data with their own perception of how they play.

Now, the players will be able to balance their own gambling habits.

It goes without saying that every player is different and Mr Green has designed these features specifically with that in mind. Besides being able to alert its customers if they begin to play more frequently based on their own criteria, the casino will now be able to customize their offers and communication depending on the individual risk behavior.

Customers Come First

According to officials from Mr Green, their focus has always been on the customers’ satisfaction.

“After two years with the Green Gaming predictive tool, we see that our satisfaction index constantly increases at the same time as smarter and individual responsible gaming measures have been introduced,” said Patrick Jonker, CEO of Mr Green.

Introduction of the Green Gaming tool went a long way in improving the players’ experience, but also in securing their loyalty, measured by their success in building a long-term relationship.


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