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Mobile Live Casino Niche to Benefit from Net Ent’s Chroma Key Technology

By: Staff Writer, November 3, 2017

NetEnt’s KEy Chroma Technology boosting the live casino mobile experience

NetEnt is hoping to steal the lead from all of their competitors by offering live casino games not only online but also in a mobile-friendly environment by using their Chroma Key Technology.

NetEnt Pushing the Envelope

Since online gambling never stops evolving, NetEnt has worked hard to offer its players a brand-new suite of live casino games both on their online and mobile gaming channels.

After many months of research and development, this major casino game designer made use of its innovative Chroma Key Technology, offering seamless integration of live HD images to its customers whenever they play NetEnts live casino games.

Live dealer games have rarely been available to mobile users but NetEnt is trying to change the trend and invites everyone to try out their exclusive technology.

NetEnt created this technology in collaboration with real players to provide the ultimate gaming experience, closest to that of a land-based casino. NetEnt’s innovation enables a seamless integration of HD images and can be 3D-branded to suit any operator and offer them flexibility and differentiation.

Ultimate Gaming Experience

There is a lot of interest from casino sites to install those games and make them available on their mobile and online platforms.

Live Roulette is probably the game that will see most benefit from the use of the technology.

So far, the players weren’t able to track the ball once the croupier sent it spinning around the wheel and that is going to change now. Players will be able to limit their stake and locate a range of different tables they can afford to play. It is also possible to place bets during the spin just like in a land-based casino.

Live Blackjack, a true casino classic, and its variant Common Draw Blackjack, totally unique game in the industry, are both offered in this package.

In the latter, there will be unlimited number of places for players playing at any time in any currency and no one will be disappointed.

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