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LeoVegas Launches Initiative to Address Industry’s Gender Inequality

By: Staff Writer, October 3, 2018


LeoVegas aims to tackle gaming industry’s gender inequality issue with latest initiative

Premium provider of live dealer services LeoVegas has launched a new initiative LeoRegulus which is supposed to source tech talent from outside the gambling industry and has at the same time launched a €10,000 LeoRegulus – Tech Prize to aid social programmes intended to develop female talent for tech-led industries.

Sparking the Change

Stockholm-listed LeoVegas seeks to widen its talent development resources and therefore broaden tech talent pool.

They launched a 12-month paid training programme open to engineering graduates who will work and develop new skills necessary for the industry. They will take on the course within the Stockholm enterprise’s technology unit but will have the opportunity to travel to its offices all over Europe.

All placed in the company’s Libero team, they will work and learn across all of its product teams. After they finish the training, trainees will be offered full-time employment on a product team of their choice.

The LeoRegulus – Tech Award of €10,000 was designed as a motivation for “an initiative, organisation, or person promoting an increased interest in and awareness of tech/AI among women”. LeoVegas aims to fix the “imbalance” of gender representation in the technology sector and also inspire more women to take into consideration working in the market.

Now, the situation is not great. Only 25% of employees in the industry are women and the industry suffers and is “missing out on a lot of potential, crucial perspectives and talent”.

Addressing the Burning Issue

This initiative is only a small wave in the sea but it will motivate other companies to contribute and do more. The technology sector is booming and the imbalance between man and women is so problematic because they value competence over all other factors.

Therefore it is LeoVegas’ aim to tackle the gender inequality in the industry.

“When 50% of the population consists of women but only a fraction is considering the tech industry as a future workplace, we lose a lot of skills and important perspectives that are crucial for the construction of future technology.” Gustav Hagman, group chief executive of LeoVegas, commented.

According to him, many need to unite to make a difference and attract women to technology roles as current Swedish employment figures point to an overall shortfall in skilled IT labour by 20202.

“Therefore more actors need to acknowledge the problem and do more to help fix this imbalance. The main goal is of course to inspire more women to pursue a career in tech, both through the difference the Tech Award can make and the career possibilities that the Traineeship Program offers.” he added.

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