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Latvian Parliament Contemplates New Live Dealer Casino Fees

By: Staff Writer, October 27, 2017

Latvian government announced plans for new fees for live dealer casinos

Less than a month since completing the mammoth live casino migration to Latvia, one of the world’s leading live dealer software specialist Playtech could very much regret the decision to move to this European country.

New Fees on the Horizon

In a news that could potentially come as a huge hit for Playtech but also Evolution Gaming, who are also operating a live studio from Latvia, the parliament of this country is putting up a plan to impose new fees on live dealer casino games being broadcasted from the country.

The new set of fees is expected to be introduced in 2018 and Playtech have yet to comment on such a decision coming from the Latvian government.

Playtech have just opened the new 8,500 square-meter facility in Riga which stands as one of the biggest in the live dealer casino industry and there is no denying that this operator could be struck by the new fee implementation.

Evolution Gaming Keeping a Close Eye on the Proposed Plan

The idea of new live dealer casino fees has only been introduced by the Latvian Parliament and it has been done against the recommendation of the Cabinet of Ministers and industry stakeholders.

That said, Evolution Gaming as another live casino giant operating from the Latvian capital is hoping that proposed set of measures could hit a roadblock and remain only an idea.

However, the company is well aware of the potential impact the fee changes could have on its business.

“Evolution regularly manages new regulatory propositions and changes, and the company already pays licence fees in several markets. The planned fee is not assessed to substantially impact the company’s position.”, Evolution Gaming said in a statement.

Latvia – European Main Focus

Latvian live dealer casino market remains one of the main epicentres of the European market.

As a holder of the world’s two largest dealer studios in terms of square footage, table number, dealer numbers and the sheer volume of the users, Riga is quite deservedly in the focus of the gaming attention.

As a country which hopes to expand its footprint within the iGaming industry, Latvia could shoot itself in a foot with the new live dealer casino fee proposal which could ‘compromise’ the country’s position in the global market.

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