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Is Online Betting Allowed in Singapore?

By: Marica K, September 27, 2016
Online gambling will be available in Singapore after all.

Online gambling will be available in Singapore after all.

Only two years after passing the bill to ban online and phones gambling, Singapore is expecting to see two operators curb these rules and offer online gambling by the end of October. The only authorized operators, Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club are waiting for the Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs to allow accepting live bets for online casinos, lotteries, sports betting. Even if they get the green light there will be certain limitations such as in betting amounts.

New Regulations

In 2014 Singapore government brought a “Remote Gambling Bill” in order to regulate online and phone gambling. This bill introduced a ban on remote betting and imposed fines for both operators and players. The operators would have to pay over $250,000 while the punters would face a money fine or spend time in prison, or both if they were caught in illegal actions. The aim of this bill was to protect the youth, prevent gambling addictions and deal with criminal activities.

According to Singapore Gaming Laws (Common Gaming Houses Act and Betting Act) the only way to bet legally is through two authorized operators, The Turf Club or Singapore Pools. Now these two operators might be the only ones authorized to provide online games such as Live Casinos, lotteries, sports betting.

Bypassing the Law

Actually, according to the Remote Gambling Bill, if the operators are nonprofit, devoted to causes that contribute to the society and are involved in charity activities, then they can be allowed to accept bets online. Both, The Turf Club and Singapore Pools fit the profile so now the only thing left is for the Ministry of Home Affairs to give their blessing.

However, not everyone is satisfied with the prospect of this decision. Social workers argue that there are many dangers lurking in allowing online betting and that it might interfere with the original aim of the law to deal with preventing the youth gambling and gambling addictions.

Interestingly, the Singapore law does not prohibit gambling with online operators based outside Singapore, which means that at any time Singapore residents can register an account at an online casino, for example, Bet365, and gamble online.

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