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Ezugi Unrolls New Live Dealer Game Andar Bahar

By: Staff Writer, August 30, 2019

Ezugi takes classic Indian game of Andar Bahar and gives it a Live Dealer spin

The provider of cutting edge live casino solutions, Ezugi has been stirring the iGaming pot since 2012.

This month, the company is announcing the release of a brand-new live dealer game called Andar Bahar!

The classic Indian game is now given a worldwide recognition through Ezugi’s unrelenting commitment to immersive live experiences.

Aiming to help players who love this game feel as if they are playing it in an actual casino, Ezugi is once again pushing the envelope.

How to Play Andar Bahar

This Indian classic begins with the dealer producing the first card as a Joker.

Furthermore, dealers will then deal a single card to each side of the table – Andar and Bahar – wntil a card with the same value is drawn on either of the sides.

The players open the round by placing a bet on whether the Joker card will land on Andar or Bahar first. The card value is important here and once a card with the same value of Joker’s is drawn, the round concludes.

Ezugi Turning it up a Notch!

The premium provider of live casino games has a reputation for adding a modern twist to classic games.

Ezugi lived up to its name by adding a Side bet feature to their version of Andar Bahar. As a result, players now have a chance to predict how many cards will be dealt in a round until the Joker is matched on wither Andar or bahar.

Moreover, Ezugi made sure to fit the live version of this game with In-Play stats which are displaying results from previous 100 rounds. As a result, the players are given a chance to analyse the stats and make better decisions with their Side bets.

Additional Upgrade

In addition to their brand-new game, Ezugi is going live with an upgraded set of existing games.

Namely, the players can now enjoy in Ezugi’s Baccarat 3.0, which follows the footsteps of the 3.0 versions of Roulette and Blackjack from 2018.

The newly upgraded products are designed with HTML technology and utilize a revamped UI and common language to immediately identify the games as Ezugi’s.

All games are supported for a variety of platforms and are available in both landscape and portrait modes on mobile devices.

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