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Exciting New Live Dealer Form Takes the Stage in Minnesota

By: Staff Writer, December 29, 2017

Minnesota’s Running Aces introduces a new form of live dealer-like gaming console

Live casinos are a relatively new form of gambling and they are expanding rapidly in the last couple of years.

Through it the players are enabled to play from the comfort of their home and enjoy the exciting games, run at real time by a human dealer. With the use of today’s technology, live casinos offer the best, realistic  experience, so a  player can take the action without even noticing a difference between the live and land-based casino. Being in constant need for upgrading and perfection, casinos strive to have the best offer possible and to reach and interest every possible player.

Novelty Addition

In effort to bring novelty to the ever-expanding landscape, Minnesota’s Running Aces Casino is the first in the state that introduced a new technology, a type of play called dealer assist, in a form of blackjack consoles.

This new technology represents the crossover between a table game and random generated games all with elements of live dealer online casinos. The game is run by a live dealer with live cards that show up on each console’s screen and allows players to digitally play the game. The consoles have a help button that includes a graph of statistically favorable bets for which cards are dealt. It also includes a low minimum bet because labor costs are lowered.

For now, there are only seven consoles in Running Aces, but in the future, they hope to expand. With the expansion of consoles, the casino hopes to further bring down the costs and offer a minimum of just 25 cents to 50 cents per bet. Running Aces is regulated through the Minnesota Racing Commission, so the approval for the consoles had to go through them.  Every console had to be tested by Gaming Laboratories International and the process to actually introduce them to Running Aces lasted a year and a half.

Director of Casino Operations and Running Aces Marketing Advisor Tristan Wilberg noticed a surge of new players that never played blackjack, coming in, not just the players from other games trying it out.

Appealing & Exciting Innovation

He thinks there are two reasons why consoles are appealing to people. Firstly, there is anonymity, just like in slot machines. A player doesn’t have to worry about talking, being judged and making mistakes but simply chooses to escape into his own world. Secondly, it is intriguing to millennials. Young people’s habbits are hard to pick on as they’d rather sit back, socialize with friends, surf on social media, order food or drink and place a bet once in a while or play a few hands while they wait, all at the same time.

CEO and President of Running Aces, Taro Ito, hopes this consoles will draw more millennial players to the casino since this technology can create a new atmosphere called a stadium gaming, almost like in a night club.  It is easier to settle bets, the dealer is freed up to be more spontaneous and interactive and is becoming a personality, like a DJ.

Running Aces is looking to see what other forms of technology can be brought in to offer in other games.

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