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Evolution Pushes the Pedal with Speed Blackjack

By: Staff Writer, December 12, 2019

Speed Blackjack from Evolution to Shake up Our Worlds

It is time to announce another member of the Speed Family.

Leading live casino solutions and games supplier Evolution Gaming is having a new addition. Its name is Speed Blackjack, and we are so ready to try it out!

How about you?

Evolution, as you know, has already had a go with the Speedy set. So far, we have been able to enjoy the incredible Live Speed Roulette.

So, this is nothing new for Evolution.

On the contrary, they are refreshing the lobby with the brand new Live Blackjack variant.

Fastest Decision First!

This is the fastest Live Blackjack variation you have ever seen!

However, it might not be the fastest that we will ever see. We mean, it’s Evolution Gaming we’re talking about. The Latvian live casino company never ceases with innovation and surprises.

We might see the speed of light next – who knows!

In the new Speed Blackjack, it is the fastest decision first that counts.

The rules of this new Blackjack edition are akin to those of standard Live Blackjack. Nevertheless, there is a crucial twist to Speed Blackjack. This key difference lies in the order in which players get to make a decision. Let’s see what that means for you.

As the game starts, players in seats 1 to 7 are dealt their cards. Then, when they have their cards, the order might change. How so? Well, all players can simultaneously decide whether they would like to get more cards or not.

First Come, First Served

The first player to play Hit/Double/Split will get his or her cards dealt next. No pre-decision making is necessary in Speed Blackjack from Evolution. The time and your speed play key roles.

The key features of Speed Blackjack include the fastest decision making ever and a shorter betting phase. Hurry up, the clock is ticking!

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