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Evolution Gaming Releases Infinite Blackjack

By: Staff Writer, October 22, 2018

Evolution Gaming rolls out Infinite Blackjack

Evolution Gaming has been really busy this month.

Following the exclusive release of First Person Roulette and Blackjack, this top tier live casino games provider, has unveiled another brand new game called Evolution Infinite Blackjack.

Some may say it’s just different side of the same coin considering the fact that we have already encountered Unlimited Blackjack and Common Draw Blackjack from other software providers, but this game has a few unique features that make the game pretty special.

Infinite Blackjack Features

Evolution Infinite Blackjack will be available first at LeoVegas online casino and then at all Evolution powered casinos, and with a RTP of 99.51% we are sure it will be a smash hit.

The first innovation that drew out attention, developed especially for this game, is that information about other players’ decisions is displayed on the screen. The game has a brand new Rule called 6 Card Charlie and two brand new side bet.

Never seen before The Hot 3 Side Bet and the Bust It side bet, have been added in addition to those familiar ones, 21+3 and Pairs.

6 Card Charlie will bring a lot of smiles on your faces because if your hand ends with 6 cards with a total value of 21 and less, regardless of whether it has resulted from a Split, you automatically win the main bet even if the dealer has Blackjack.

We have already accustomed to 21+3, a poker derived side bet where the player’s first two cards and the dealer’s up card form a poker based hand, and Pairs, formed by the player’s first two cards. They have RTPs 96.3% and 95.9% respectively.

Innovation and Excitement

The new side bets are the ones bringing innovation and excitement to this version.

In the Hot 3 Side Bet you bet on the first three cards and whether they will form a suited or unsuited winning number value. Hot 3 Side Bet RTP is 94.60%. In Bust It Side Bet, you bet on how many cards the dealer will bust with. Three cards or above are needed to win the bet and the RTP is 93.82%.

Other normal rules apply to the game so players can Stand, Hit, Double and Split a hand. Please note that while physical cards are dealt on the table, only the cards played by the player are displayed as virtual cards in the playing interface to give a more personal experience.

All players are dealt the same starter hand by the live dealer but afterwards each player is able to play as they wish so they all end up with different hands and potential wins.

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