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Chinese Invest in Live Dealer Studios in Cambodia

By: Marica K, November 16, 2015
While Cambodia strictly forbids the locals to gamble they have no problem with foreigners leaving money in their casinos.

While Cambodia strictly forbids the locals to gamble they have no problem with foreigners leaving money in their casinos.

Even though in Cambodia it is illegal for their citizens to gamble, online or in land-based casinos, they have no problem with foreigners spending their money in casinos on their ground. What is more, their laws are not so strict either, so potential operators and casino owners are using this as much as they can. The Chinese have recognized the potential benefits of this situation and they are increasingly investing in gambling industry in Cambodia, especially online gambling, so lately a number of places offering live dealer games have sprung up in Cambodia, especially in Sihanoukville.

It seems that Cambodia has decided to make the best use of the gambling industry especially online gambling which offers a lot of potential as the casinos have a chance to reach worldwide customers. Only last month they have issued 10 additional casino licenses thus increasing the number to 75 licensed casinos who will serve foreigners only, as the law forbids Cambodians to even enter any gambling facility. These ten licenses were mostly issued to Chinese operators who have been using the lenient Cambodian regulations to offer their countrymen an alternative to Macau and Las Vegas. So majority of them headed to Sihanoukville with the plan to invest in online gaming and offer Live Dealer games to non-Cambodian players. Live Dealer games are spreading pretty fast and more and more operators are including this option of online gaming in their offer as people feel more confidence when they see a real person when playing Live Roulette or Live Blackjack instead of playing with the computer. They can communicate with the live dealer as if they would in a real casino, only they do not have to even leave their house. The Chinese recognized this as a good opportunity and they are starting to operate live dealer casinos in Sihanoukville.

Cambodian gambling law allows online gambling but only within the confines of a Cambodian-based studios which have a gambling license. However, in reality this has little significance, as throughout Sihanoukville, online gaming is organized in hotels, rented spaces, villas, which is practically illegal, but yet no action has been undertaken to stop it. On the other hand a group of Chinese investors is reportedly planning to invest $50 in turning hotels into casinos, that is, making each hotel room a mini gaming room with its internet connection and a live dealer.

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