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Betsafe Launched First-ever Live Roulette for Apple TV

By: Marica K, May 22, 2016
Swedish players can enjoy live dealer action in full HD on their TVs. (image:

Swedish players can enjoy live dealer action in full HD on their TVs. (image:

Last week we saw Betsafe, the subsidiary of Swedish gaming providers Betsson, moving ground in online gaming industry when they launched the first-ever Live Roulette app for Apple TV. The new app was launched for Swedish players only, who can now log in to their account and enjoy the live dealer Roulette in full HD in the comfort of their home. This is a step forward in the gaming industry and the rest of the world eagerly awaits to see Betsafe Live Roulette app available in other countries too.


Bringing Live Dealer Casino to TVs

The gaming industry is growing bigger and the providers are constantly working on innovations and new products in order to stay ahead of the competition. The Swedish company Betsson have not waited too long to use the introduction of app store for Apple TV to their advantage. They have developed a Live Dealer Roulette app for Apple TV users and this is the first such app in the gaming industry. Launched via their subsidiary Betsafe the app is called Betsafe Live Roulette and it can be downloaded from the app store. Now the players can lay back in their armchairs and enjoy the Live Dealer Casino action in their own home. The players are supposed to create an account, log in and enjoy the wheel-spinning in full HD. Bets are placed through iPhone or their Siri remote (a special remote for Apple TV) while they can also invite 5 more friends to play. It seems that Betsson have gone out of their way to meet any need that casino players might have. Currently, only Swedish players can have the privilege of gambling on their TVs, but the executives have announced that the app will soon be available in other countries.


Setting the Standards

Gaming providers and companies have a rough time coming up with new solutions and new and innovative products for the market. Betsson might just got one right with the app for Apple TV, as the development of technology brings new opportunities for the providers as well. According to the executives of Betsson and Betsafe they are devoted to meeting customers’ needs and improving gaming experience, so they feel that this unique new product from their kitchen will set the standard for other gaming providers in the world. Ulrik Bengtsson CEO of Betsson AB says: “It is undoubtedly that Betsson Malta in this effort, once again is ground-breaking and this will most likely set the standard for the entire gaming industry forward. Sweden is the first but Betsafe will soon introduce this in other countries.”

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