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BetGames.TV Upgrades Its Popular Game Dice Duel

By: Staff Writer, October 5, 2020

BetGames.TV has boosted its Dice Duel game with the innovative addition of live mode.

BetGames.TV has launched a new-look, sleek and exciting version of one of their most popular games, Dice Duel

The new look game increased key core elements such as game frequency, time spend, revenue and cutting-edge technology.  All of this will enhance the player experience.

Taking It to Whole New Level

The live casino specialists are extremely excited at the revenue-enhancing potential of the latest feature. 

“Data research and player statistics show that Dice Duel is one of our most widely played games,” they said.

“We believe this enhanced user experience, and increased play frequency will take this product to another level.”

The new game – launched on October 1st – will bring some changes to technical aspects. At the same time, the company is showing off the innovative tech, incorporated into their world-renowned live broadcast business model.

More About the Live Mode

After switching to live mode there will be an overall draw increase of 37%.

An important note to keep in mind is the definitive increase in draw frequency, with no breaks between games. There will be a 30 second period for players to make new bets. 

Here are the main changes after switching to live mode:

  • They are changing the product into a non-scheduled game (runs continuously instead of imported schedule).
  • There will be UI changes including a timer and a tab showing the last five results.
  • Bets for the next draw will not be accepted. Betting will be available during betting rounds, the same as in their card games.
  • They will also show the top 3 winnings from the last game as well as game/win messages.
  • The betting time between draws will be 30 seconds.
  • They will no longer offer subscriptions, but combinations will remain in the updated Dice Duel.

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