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BetGames.TV Launches 3 Newly Upgraded Lotto Games

By: Staff Writer, July 21, 2021

The optimized versions offer new features, HD quality visuals, fresh set design, beefed-up security measures, and an enhanced playing experience.

BetGames.TV has come out with a hugely exciting relaunch to its signature lottery products. The live dealer and betting games supplier will further enhance the content’s best-in-class tone and image.

Enhanced and Graphically Superior New Design

Re-designed and rebuilt, BetGames’ Lucky Lottery studios now boast a cutting-edge look and feel. The new features, along with technical advances and improved security, all create superior player experience.

The supplier’s lotto portfolio is at front and center for its growth ambitions in key new markets with leading operators in the industry.

The three games which make up BetGames’ core offering have all had respective facelifts and improvements. Lucky 5, 6, and 7 lottery games received new backdrops, graphical balls on selection, and full HD video quality.

Lucky 7 has benefited from a further upgrade, with BetGames’ Emerald machine now deployed. It has already netted a hugely successful revenue surge when trialed with Lucky 5. BetGames is confident in further success in its latest rollout.

The Optimization

BetGames has added multiple cameras in-studio, while giving a whole new layer of integrity to its operation. They enabled both the end-user and auditor to view all angles of the production area. When the draw starts, the view automatically switches to the main camera.

The ability to use either a remote presenter or RNG-based technology using pre-recorded videos will also feature. So, BetGames can remove any issues of language barriers for global reach and further boosting its international appeal.

Moreover, they’ve significantly developed risk mitigation to ensure future pandemic-proofing. It provides the ability for games to continue even if evacuations or stay-at-home conditions are put in place.

The Comments

BetGames.TV’s CEO, Andreas Koeberl, spoke about the launch. 

“The overhaul of our lottery offering is the latest in a line of continuous improvements we’re making to our portfolio.” They want to ensure that they continue to offer “the market-leading entertainment and player experience that we’re renowned for.”

“We believe that by reloading our Lucky Number lotto games, we will see significant growth in several areas,” he added. This includes bet counts, time-spend, player retention and ultimately, increased revenue.

“Allied with our straightforward, industry-leading integration times, our unique commercial proposition will be unrivalled in the market.”

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