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BetConstruct’s Bet-on Teen Patti Is Live

By: Staff Writer, July 28, 2019

BetConstrunct adds another Bet-on Teen Patti to its Live Casino Suite

BetConstruct, a global award-winning technology and services provider, expands its Live Casino Suite further with the launch of the new Live Casino game.

Ambition and Innovation

Being an international company, BetConstruct draws inspiration from diverse gaming cultures to introduce ambitious projects and deliver fresh casino content.

Such is the case with a bet-on version of Teen Patti, an exciting game with roots in the Indian subcontinent, which will boost BetConstruct’s Live Casino collection.

It is expected that this poker-based concept will become a player favourite in no time, with its simplified three card version which allows side bets.

How to play

The game is similar to the 3 Card Poker in a way that it uses the same hand rankings to determine the winner.

It has been adapted to allow betting to take place as the cards are dealt, with the odds being recalculated afterwards. Two players are playing against each other, with the goal of betting on the hand they think will win.

Additional bets are available, and can be played alongside the main hand, with players placing a bet on the specific hand outcome for a chance to enhance their payouts.

The game is now live and available to the constantly growing list of the company’s online partners.

Furthermore, BetConstruct continues with their aim to help operators attract fresh audiences and increase revenues with plans to reveal two more Live Casino Games later this summer.

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