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BetConstruct Unveils Two New Live Casino Games

By: Staff Writer, July 28, 2020

BetConstruct has launched two live casino games, Hi Lo and Swift Roulette.

BetConstruct has added two new games to its Live Casino portfolio. These are the more recent one, Hi Lo and Swift Roulette.

BetConstruct’s Hi Lo

The concept of The Higher Lower, once a viral web game, is adapted for gambling in BetConstruct’s Live Casino portfolio as a newly launched game Hi Lo.

Hi-Lo is one of the more fast-paced live games. It’s perhaps the most straightforward game within BetConstruct’s portfolio.

Player predicts whether the next card dealt by a dealer is of a higher, lower or equal value to the one lying face-up on the table. Apart from a single prediction, Hi-Lo allows for a number of side bets. They liven up the game and add up revenue figures.

The globally understood idea of Hi-Lo has a clear and major potential of attracting mass audiences. BetConstruct’s operators can take full advantage of this feature and leverage audiences who will enjoy the quick-to-play game.

BetConstruct’s Swift Roulette

Previously, BetConstruct has enhanced its Live Casino offering with another new live game, Swift Roulette. Swift rolls out new rules for the beloved roulette game. Also, it allows operators to accept bets immediately without extra betting time.

Behind many lucrative strategies for an online casino is a promise of a win in a fast-paced game. The new Swift Roulette by BetConstruct plays into the hands of operators who want to receive bets fast.  

Swift combines eight different roulette tables in one view. In addition to this, it allows players to choose the betting amount, or save favorite bets. Most importantly, they can play the game immediately when the timer for new bets goes off. No more waiting for other players to join in. This new spin on the traditional roulette will quickly become a player favorite on the operator’s websites.

For additional bet baiting, BetConstruct has introduced the Aurum side bet for the traditional roulette. The new function does not interfere much with the game. 

Aurum mode highlights up to five numbers for every round to bet on. Also, it guarantees a huge payout in case the figures win. This is just another extra step that BetConstruct takes towards empowering its partner operators to attract and retain more players.

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