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BetConstruct Deploys Live Casino Innovation with Hands-Do

By: Staff Writer, October 1, 2021

BetConstruct comes up with an intriguing novelty for the sphere of live casino hardware and software, Hands-Do.

At the height of the iGaming industry’s activity, it is business as usual at BetConstruct. The developer, with the help of its holding company SoftConstruct, has introduced an intriguing novelty for the sphere of live casino hardware and software.

Say Hello to Robot Croupier

“There are quite a number of tasks in this world that automation can accomplish,” says Vigen Badalyan, BetConstruct’s Founder and CEO. “One press of a button sometimes performs teamwork for a whole squad. For that a robot can rightfully replace what human hands do. With that in mind, our team of engineers have constructed a very unique piece of machinery.” 

Called simply Hands-Do, this is a robot dealer performing the functions of a real-life croupier in BetConstruct’s Live Studio. This is innovative tool optimizes the work in a live casino studio by excluding human errors. Furthermore, it increases accuracy in dealing, helps operators reduce expenses on hiring staff for a private hall, and provides an automated 24/7 gaming experience.

Unique and One-of-a-Kind Gaming Experience

Here’s what Levon Hambardzumyan, the creator of Hands-Do had to say about the new product.

“Strive for innovation and the overall creative mindset of BetConstruct has a very catchy vibe. And the whole industry always pushes you to come up with something new.” 

“The idea of Hands-Do came after a long observation. The job of a dealer is manual labor. What could possibly change the game? The answer was on the surface. Automation! By no means we intend to replace the human-to-player type of communication that a live casino gives. On the contrary, we create something that was unimaginable before and has a solid potential to attract more players through this innovation.”

The first two games adapted for Hands-Do are Baccarat and Dragon Tiger. However, the technology gives much room for creativity and flexibility. So, it is possible for BetConstruct to set up Hands-Do to play any other game. For the sake of individual branding in case of custom request, the design of the robotic arm can be changed.

Hands-Do provides a unique and one-of-a-kind gaming experience. This type of player-casino interaction can be highly marketable towards players who expect a bit more out of their ordinary entertainment.

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