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Bet365 Stand Behind Their Players Against Romanian National Gambling Office

By: Marica K, October 26, 2015
Romanian fans will have to pay up to $2,500 for playing at Bet365.

Romanian fans will have to pay up to $2,500 for playing at Bet365.

Bet365 have decided to take action against the sanctions they have received from the Romania’s National Gambling Office (ONJN) under the accusation that they have been providing their online gaming services without a license. To make things worse, not only did Bet365 have been blacklisted and had their license revoked but thousands of Romanian players that have enjoyed in the online games provided by Bet365 now might pay the fine for illegal online gambling. Bet365 have responded by challenging the ONJN decision in court and offering their customers legal help.

Is it Law or Discrimination?

On September 7 Bet365 was awarded a license to operate on the Romanian market, but the license was due to be fully implemented within a month from the date of the approval. During that time Bet365 had a provisional license whereas the full implementation of the license was in force from October 1. However, on October 13 the license was revoked and the players were warned not to play on unlicensed sites among which was Bet365.  ONJN explains that the reason for this is the fact that online provider have accepted wagers from players in the period when their license was not active, from September 10-30. According to Romanian website Bet365 have condemned this action of ONJN as discriminatory and unfair and decided to challenge the decision in court.

The Players Have to Pay Too

The players were not spared either. In fact, many Romanian players who have played at Bet365 casino during the “unlicensed period” have received a fine to pay up to 10,000 Romanian leu which amounts to around $2,500 and some were called for an interview about their gaming activity on the site. The players are furious and believe that they should not be scapegoats in this case of misunderstanding, especially because no one informed them about whether it was illegal to play on the site in question. Bet365 claims that the players could have seen Bet365 on the list of licensed websites and that this was guarantee for them that they are acting in accordance with the law. On the other hand ONJN considers that Bet365 should not have allowed the possibility for the customers to play while the full license was pending. Bet365 have sent an e-mail to all of their players offering free legal assistance in case they receive a fine or get a call from ONJN.  They are advising the players not to pay the fine as they have the right to appeal within 15 days from the day their received the notice and they do not have to pay during the process in court. It remains to be seen how this matter will be solved.

So next time you want to try your luck at a Live Casino double check if the provider has the license.

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