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Bet365 Is Closing Down Online Casino in Germany

By: Staff Writer, December 27, 2019

Berlin Says Goodbye to Bet365

British online gambling operator Bet365 has announced that it will be shutting down its Germany-facing online casino before the year ends.

Saying Bye to Germany, but not Austria

Bet365 has informed its affiliates about this, telling them to stop promoting the brand in Germany.

In an e-mail pertaining to this, the operator said that “any promotion of Bet365’s non-sports products” must be removed by 30th December 2019.

However, the online casino will be still running in Austria and providing casino services in German language to those residing in that country.

It is believed that Bet365 is preparing for new regulatory changes in Germany. The interim rules are to come into effect on 1st January.

Authorities specified that, as part of the regulatory process, services in the country must be turned off for the time being. Bet365 has complied and gone through with exactly that.

Warning for Non-compliers

One of the chief advocates of timely regulatory change has been the German state of Hesse. Back in November, the Regional Council of Darmstadt, representing the German state of Hesse, warned the non-compliers and told operators to apply for applications.

At the time, Minister Peter Beuth stated:

“I urgently warn operators that from January 2020, sports betting is subject to authorisation. There will be no more toleration of unlicensed offerings.

We will consistently prohibit illegal offerings. If you do not have permission then you are liable for prosecution, and the state will be forced to act.”

The Regulatory Changes

The temporary laws for online gambling in Germany will be enforced as soon as 2020 begins. They’re intended to remain in effect tor around 18 months, before more permanent, nationwide regulation takes place. That’s expected to happen by the summer of 2021.

Germany has one of the most profitable gambling markets on the planet. The country has been struggling with sites that have been operating illegally for quite some time. The new regulatory regime would give its gambling industry a new way to deal with those kinds of problems.

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