Choosing the right game and focusing on the gameplay are the two most important things when playing at live casinos on the go.
Choosing the right game and focusing on the gameplay are the two most important things when playing at live casinos on the go. Image: YouTube/Vivo Gaming

Live dealer games on mobile are not a novelty any more. They are at your fingertips to provide you with the most realistic gaming experience wherever you are. With no download needed, you can access and play them on the go enjoying a genuine casino atmosphere. However, playing live dealer games online and on mobile is not the same.

While playing these games from the comfort of your home typically does not involve any distractions, playing on the move may affect your performance. Since these games can be played in real money mode only and betting limits are higher than in those operated by the RNG, we have to share with you a few tips and tricks that can help you remain focused and make the most of your stay at a live casino.

Choose the Right Live Casino Game

After you have chosen a reputable online casino where you can play live dealer games, now it’s time to choose one. What you should consider when choosing a live dealer game is the game’s RTP and house edge. It is important whether you play online or on the go. However, the latter may be more challenging since you play the games on a smaller screen and may be distracted by different things. Another thing you should consider is if you are familiar with the rules and strategies you can apply to get an advantage over the casino. Since live casino games are played in real money mode, make sure to choose the game you have mastered and stick to it.

Focus on the Gameplay

Once you have chosen the live dealer game you know how to play, you have to focus on the gameplay. Follow this link to learn how to stay focused when playing at a live casino. Now, with mobile devices, things can get more difficult since the screen size may be not so convenient. Some details of the game may not be visible and you will have to zoom in. The latest live casino games come with enhanced layouts enabling players to watch the game from different angles and focus on the gameplay.

Keep in mind that you have limited time to place your bets at live dealer tables. If you play Blackjack and you want to apply any of the successful strategies, paying attention closely to what’s happening at the table is of utmost importance. You have to act accordingly, from placing your bets to making further decisions and moves. Playing Live Roulette on mobile may be even more challenging since you should choose chips and place them on one or more numbers during a given period of time. If you opt for the game variants such as Speed Roulette or Auto Roulette, you have to be concentrated fully on the gameplay as the break times are short and you have to make moves quickly.

Interacting with Live Dealers

When you join a live dealer table, you will be greeted by a friendly real-life dealer. Thanks to them, playing at live casinos gets as realistic as possible and live dealers are in charge of creating an enjoyable atmosphere at the table. Using live chat to talk to the dealer can be fun. Yet, when you play on your smartphone or tablet, it can be another distracting element, so use it wisely.

Know When to Leave

This is one of the most important tips when playing at any type of casino. It applies to live dealer games on mobile as well. Before you join a live dealer table, you have to set your bankroll and stick to it. Whether you are on a winning or a losing streak, play until you reach win and loss limits you have previously set. Once you have reached the win or loss limit, it’s time to leave. Log out and use your handheld device to browse something useful or funny. Or, you can simply put it back in your pocket until the next gambling session.